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Nuts West Bromwich

NUTS WEST BROMWICH is a small piece of metal drilled with a hole threaded to match the threads of a bolt, screw, or stud. If the thread of the nut does not fit that of the bolt, the teeth will be jammed or stripped. Nuts, like bolts, screws, and studs, are made of a variety of metals, such as steel, aluminium alloy, brass, and the like, and may be plated with rust-preventing metals such as topper and cadmium. Square four-sided nuts are generally used on bolts, and hexagonal (six-sided) nuts are usually used on screws but very often they are interchanged. There are a number of safety devices used in connection with nuts. Figure shows three of these and some of their uses. The check nut is used with plain nuts and setscrews as a locking device to prevent the plain nuts from unscrewing and dropping off. The castle nut, shear nut, and slotted engine nut all require a drilled hole in the bolt or stud. A cotter pin is inserted in this bolthole to prevent the nut from coming off. The several slots on the nuts permit of proper adjustment of tension with correct alignment of slot and hole. The lock nut is another type used with other nuts to prevent them from coming loose. The wing nut is used where great tension is not required and, therefore, where the fingers can be used for tightening. The coupling nut is used with a coupling in electrical work to join two sections of conduit or to join a conduit to a junction box. There are several types of self-locking nuts which are all are designed to provide a locking arrangement for the nut without the use of other aids.

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